The Smartbag: The World’s Most Beautiful Hi-Tech Bag 

The Smartbag: fashionable, customizable handmade bags with USB chargers, internal lights, a GPS tracker in case of loss or theft, Bluetooth connectivity and more!
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The world’s most beautiful connected bags

Who says wearable technology has to be ugly? From the outside, these fine leather bags have all the elegance and fashion that go along with their handmade in Italy label.On the inside, their sleek, hi-tech heart will revolutionize the way you think about bags forever. They have 2 USB chargers for your devices, internal lights, a location device, an SOS button, a phone finder, a bag buddy system and more!

Power up and stay connected

How often does your cell phone run low on batteries before you get home at the end of the day? The Smartbag will make sure that you never remain disconnected or feeling stranded again. There are two USB chargers for your smartphone, iPhone or tablet.

The Smartbag can charge an iPhone 6 about three times and a Samsung Galaxy about two and a half times. With GPS on continuously but in sleep mode, the bag has an autonomy of about 21 days.

Light the way

Do you know that feeling of fumbling through your purse while you try to find your keys at night? Now you’ll be able to see inside of your bag easily so that you can find what you’re looking for quickly. When you unzip the bag, the lights turn on.

Find your bag and retrieve your documents

If for any reason you and your bag get separated, the GPS system will allow you to locate your bag by using your smartphone or logging into our website with your unique user information.

The apps and connectivity

bluetoothThanks to Bluetooth, your bag and your mobile devices will be able to communicate. This will allow you to use the app and take advantage of the numerous smart features including an SOS button, an alert if your bag is running low on energy, the phone finder and the bag buddy system.

You can also use any web browser along with your unique login information to track your bag.

The Smartbag App (iOs/Android)

Our easy to use app will help you connect with your bag through your smartphone or your smartwatch whenever you need to take advantage of all the hi-tech features such as the bag locator, the phone finder, SOS messaging or the powerpack energy level reader.

Bag buddy system
When you activate this feature, you’ll receive an alert on your phone if your bag and your phone get separated.

Bag finder
Has your bag disappeared? Thanks to the GPS system, you can use the app to find its last known location. You can also set a reward to help make sure your bag and all your contents make it home safe to you.

Phone finder
Rushing out and can’t remember where you left your phone? When you activate the smartbutton, your phone will ring so that you can find it easily.

SOS Messaging
If for any reason you need to send an emergency message, you can activate the SOS feature of the smartbutton and the message of your choice will be sent to the contacts of your choice.

Low battery warning
If your bag is running low on batteries, it will send your phone a warning message.